We’re conducting research of the highest quality right at the forefront of biomedical research. We combine this rigour with an open and interactive culture, bringing together people with varied research interests and expertise, including clinicians, physical scientists and applied scientists from our pharmaceutical partners.

Our broad and interdisciplinary approach allows us to respond rapidly to new opportunities.

We aim to attract talented group leaders early in their careers and support them to build innovative research programmes, sharing resources across laboratories. Our range of science technology platforms provide our researchers with access to state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

The Crick has a wide research portfolio, with no divisions or departments, and our research groups have the freedom to establish research programmes within broad areas.

We are collaborative and outward-looking, reflecting our status as a partnership of six organisations aiming to pool knowledge, ideas and resources.

How we work

We are BOLD. We make space for creative, dynamic and imaginative ideas and approaches. We’re not afraid to do things differently.

We are OPEN. We’re highly collaborative and interactive, and make sure our activities are visible to the outside world.

We are COLLEGIAL. We show respect for one another, work cooperatively and support the wider community.