Statement on the outcome of the EU referendum

Image of the King and Queen of Spain on their state visit.


The Francis Crick Institute is a globally-leading scientific discovery institute that will harness multi-disciplinary knowledge to answer fundamental questions of human biology. 

To pursue our strategy 'Discovery without boundaries' we employ and collaborate with the best scientists from around the UK and the world. Our staff come from over 70 countries, with more than 60% of our laboratory scientists originating from outside the UK and over 40% from EU countries outside the UK. Together we create a diverse intellectual talent base that allows us to be globally leading.   

It is a priority for the Crick leadership to support our colleagues, staff and students, including those who come from EU countries outside the UK. Many of our scientists have been successful in obtaining EU grants, which make up an important part of our portfolio. While nothing will change imminently, we will offer support and keep all our staff up to date with developments.

There are three important outcomes for the Crick in the forthcoming negotiations over the relationship between the UK and the EU:

  1. We must be able to recruit and retain the very best scientists, whatever country they come from.
  2. Movement from country to country must be simple in order to enable the collaboration between scientists that is essential for discovery science.
  3. We must negotiate the best possible access to EU research funding. 

The Crick will look to work closely with those involved in the EU negotiations to secure the best possible outcome for science and enable discovery without boundaries.