Postdoc community


The postdoc community is central to the Crick's scientific culture, and the world-class research we produce.

We are an international institute, and our postdocs and students come from all over the world. About a fifth are from the UK, about half are from elsewhere in Europe, and the rest are from further afield including Asia, Australasia, and North and South America.

There are approximately 400 postdocs working in the Crick at any one time, making them our largest group of scientists.

Postdoc Committee

The Crick Postdoc Committee, made up of 26 representatives from across the institute, is at the heart of our postdoc community.

The committee meets regularly to discuss and advise on all matters relating to postdocs including the postdoc training programme, and to organise various academic and social activities.

These include the annual Crick Postdoc Symposium which is held every autumn and socials both at the Crick and in pubs nearby.