The Crick opens to the public with its first exhibition

We recognise that we have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to engage the public with our research and to generate excitement and interest around science.
Sir Paul Nurse

Members of the public can now visit the Francis Crick Institute, buy a coffee, use the free Wi-Fi and explore our first exhibition, titled 'How do we look?: Exploring the scientific gaze at the Crick'.

This is the first opportunity to come and visit the gallery space within our new building, where on other floors scientists are investigating the biology underlying human health and disease.

'How do we look?' is an initial small-scale exhibition, which explores the what, why and how of scientific imaging through the eyes and thoughts of Crick researchers. It provides an opportunity to get to know the new institute; both the physical building and our scientists themselves. As a science exhibition it is almost unique, taking place inside the same building in which the science on display is being carried out.

The exhibition consists of a collection of images and videos, each created by one of our scientists to help solve a research problem. From microscope images, to illustrations, to computer models, the selection is diverse. Some are beautiful, others deceptively simple; all have been produced for specific scientific purposes. The visuals are displayed alongside large-scale photographs of the scientists and their own explanations, providing a personal and a scientific context to the exhibition.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 2 November and runs until Saturday 4 February 2017. Admission is completely free and non-ticketed; anyone wanting to attend can simply turn up during the opening hours.

Following this initial use of the gallery, a rolling programme of public exhibitions will explore the Francis Crick Institute's mission to understand the fundamental biology underlying human health. Live events and opportunities to meet Crick scientists in person will take place throughout the year.

Exhibition 002

Sir Paul Nurse, Director of the Francis Crick Institute, said: "I'm very pleased that the Crick is opening to the public and I hope that we will see many visitors. At the Crick we recognise that we have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to engage the public with our research and to generate excitement and interest around science more generally."

Dr John J Williamson, a postdoctoral researcher at the Francis Crick Institute who has an image on display, said: "Creating images is an important part of science work. They can reveal a lot about the processes at work in the human body, make them real or tell you something new. But they can be interesting objects in themselves. The opportunity to share my work in this way excited me a lot. It's been a lot of fun to put together and it's a great way to introduce what we do."

Bryony Benge-Abbott, Public Engagement Manager for Exhibitions at the Crick, said: "Our first exhibition offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from our scientists at the point of moving into the new building. Each image provides an insight into the questions our researchers are pursuing, reflecting a range of amazing tools and techniques that are being used by Crick scientists in their efforts to understand health and disease."

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