Meet the Translation team


The Crick’s Translation team helps connect scientists with industry colleagues, clinicians, drug discovery experts, technology experts and investors, who can help turn discoveries in the lab into potential new treatments and technologies to benefit patients.

We work with individual research groups to guide projects through different phases of development, providing advice, funding and connections with external partners. We focus on long-term impact, rather than short-term revenue generation.

With strong track records in translation and research, we are fully integrated within the day-to-day scientific life of the Crick, and provide easy access to expertise to accelerate ideas towards patient benefit.

The team also supports the wider UK translational research environment, through participation on funding committees, university and company boards and seed investment funds.

Translation Advisory Group

Our Translation Advisory Group of industry and academic scientists, funders and entrepreneurs, offers expert insight and support translation at the Crick by:

  • advising on funding for translational projects proposed by researchers at the Crick
  • reviewing project plans for technologies ready to be transferred to industry or clinical partners
  • making recommendations for improving delivery of the Crick’s translation strategy, and
  • encouraging the translational research culture at the Crick by bringing ideas, expertise and experience.



  • David Roblin,Chair of Scientific Translation, Crick

Crick members

  • Véronique Birault, Crick Director of Translation
  • Alison Maloney, Crick Head of Translational Science
  • Simon Boulton, Crick Group Leader
  • Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Crick Clinical Director
  • Barbara Domayne-Hayman, Entrepreneur in Residence, Crick


  • Lyndsey Houseman, Crick Head of Translation Operations

External members

  • Gillian Burgess, Executive Vice President, Head of Research, Grünenthal
  • Alicia El-Haj, Interdisciplinary Chair of Cell Engineering, Birmingham University
  • Sir Peng Khaw, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, UCL
  • Ruth McKernan, Scientific Trustee, Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Jane Osbourn, Chief Scientific Officer, Alchemab
  • Manos Perros, President and CEO, Entasis Therapeutics
  • Sir Keith Peters, Consultant
  • John Pritchard, Independent Consultant
  • John Shields, Director, JGS Biopharma
  • Roberto Solari, Visiting Professor, Imperial College
  • Catriona Crombie, Associate Director, LifeArc (for LifeArc projects)

In attendance: 

  • Tony Hickson, Chief Business Officer, CRUK