George Papageorgiou




Granted Patents

• Corrie, J.E.T.; Ogden, D.; Papageorgiou, G. “Anionically substituted 7-nitroindoline derivatives and their

uses”, US 7,737,169; EP1757585.

• Corrie, J.E.T.; Papageorgiou, G. “1-Acyl-7-nitroindoline derivatives, their preparation and their uses as

photocleavable precursors”, US 6,765,014; EP1161418

• Corrie, J.E.T.; Papageorgiou, G. “Process for nitrating photocleavable compounds”, EP1377548.

Patent Application

• Corrie, J.E.T.; Papageorgiou, G. “7-Nitroindoline derivatives and their uses”, WO2004085394.

Application Note - Sigma RBI

• Corrie, J.; Ogden, D.; Canepari, M.; Papageorgiou, G.” Nitroindolinyl-caged L-glutamate - A new tool for

investigating glutamate-gated ion channels”, Celltransmissions, 2001, 17, 19-20.

Book Chapter

• Abdel-Aal AB.M., Raz R., Papageorgiou G., Offer J. (2020) Synthesis of Amide Backbone-Modified

Peptides. In: Hussein W., Skwarczynski M., Toth I. (eds) Peptide Synthesis. Methods in Molecular

Biology, Vol 2103. Humana, New York, NY

Journal Articles

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Qualifications and history

Loughborough University
PhD Organic Chemistry
Loughborough University
MSc Medicinal Chemistry
Queen Mary College London, UK
BSc (Hons) Chemistry
Guest Editor of "Organic Synthesis and Asymmetry" of the open access journal “Symmetry”
FRSC Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
CSci Chartered Scientist - The Science Council
CChem MRSC Chartered Chemist Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
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