Jacqui Marshall


Jacqui is a PhD biochemist of over 10 years experience who trained with Prof Stephen E Halford FRS at University of Bristol, UK. She joined CRUK's London Research Institute in 2012 and moved with the laboratory of Prof Peter J Parker FRS into the Francis Crick Institute in 2016.

Jacqui manages several projects on the PKN family of Protein Kinase C-related kinases. Of the three mammalian PKNs, only a single allele of PKN2 is essential for development of the heart, closure of the neural tube and migration of key mesenchymal cells (Quétier et al. 2016). Further characterisation of the function of PKN2 in cells, and of the development of embryos and of the heart, is underway through collaborations internally and externally. The lab also seeks to explore the role of the PKN proteins in cancer growth and spread with a current project focusing on prostate cancer.

Jacqui also facilitates work in the wider Parker lab, for example managing in vivo and ex vivo aspects of studies with aPKC-directed inhibitors, and supporting GEMM studies in the cPKCs and PKCƐ programmes. Do see the Parker Laboratory website for further details.

Jacqui is also involved in the Crick community activities: She set-up and continues to run the LRS Network for Crick staff scientists, as well as conceived and created the Network of Networks, an umbrella network for sharing of information between different volunteer-run communities at the Crick. The LRS Network run an internal seminar series highlighting the work of Crick Science Technology Platforms, and are supporting development of Training and Development policies for staff. The Network is keen to link up with external equivalents at other institutions so please do make contact.

Qualifications and history

University of Bristol, UK
Biochemistry with a Year in Industry, BSc (Hons)
University of Bristol, UK
Biochemistry, PhD
Institute of Leadership and Management, City and Guilds
(Expected) Level 5 ILM Diploma
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