Matt Russell


I'm a Senior Laboratory Research Scientist with 20 years experience in electron microscopy. My PhD and postdoctoral research examined how disruption of ESCRTs impairs endosome biogenesis in yeast and animal cells, using approaches centred on transmission electron microscopy and tomography. With this background in intracellular membrane biology, one of my main interests is biological questions at the subcellular level. Recently this has often involved infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and apicoplexan parasites. I enjoy using correlative approaches to help understand features from multiple points of view, combining electron microscopy data (often in 3D) with data from light microscopes, microanalysis, and even other types of electron microscope. I'm also interested in how features from volume EM images can be modelled, and those models then analysed to extract meaningful data. I'm actively involved in training at the EM STP - organising and writing protocols for sample preparation, equipment use, and image modelling and analysis, and helping train facility users.

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