Advanced Sequencing

A HiSeq flowcell in the Crick's Advanced Sequencing facility.

We use advanced ‘next-generation’ technologies to sequence DNA (and RNA) on a large scale.

We collaborate with labs at the Crick to provide a complete end-to-end sequencing service. We use specialist equipment to determine the precise sequence of four chemical building blocks, called ‘bases’ that make a strand of DNA. It is this sequence of ‘bases’ (A, T, C and G) which encodes the all-important genetic information.

Having the capacity to generate data at high throughput allows researchers in the institute to address fundamental biological questions, for instance by comparing the differential expression of all genes in various conditions or diseases. The data we generate is also used to identify genetic variants causing some types of cancer, or for the worldwide surveillance of the influenza viruses which is key for recommending the most appropriate composition of flu vaccines.