Light Microscopy : Floorplan

Images produced by the light microscopy team at The Crick.

The Crick



3rd floor


Light Microscopy STP

CB1 - Olympus FV3000 Inverted
CB2 - Zeiss LSM710 Invert
CB3 - Zeiss LSM710 Upright
CB4 - Nikon A1R
CB5 - Leica SP8 FALCON (WLL with FLIM) Inverted
CB7 - Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan
CB8 - Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan
LM1.1 - Olympus IX83
LM1.2 - Zeiss Observer Z1
LM1.3 - Zeiss Imager M1 manual
LM1.4 - Olympus VS120 Slide Scanner
LM1.5 - Olympus BX61 w/ Ixon
LM1.6 - Zeiss Stemi SV11 with Fluo
LM1.7 - Zeiss Imager M1 mot. stage
LM1.8 - Zeiss Apotome
LM2.1 - CALM Nikon LTTL 1
LM2.2 - CALM Nikon LTTL 2
LM2.3 - Livecyte Phase Focus
LM2.4 - Nikon LTTL 3
LM2.5 - Akoya Codex (Swanton)




LM3.1 - Olympus TIRF IX83
LM3.2 - <>
LM3.3 - Bruker Vutara 352 (super-resolution) 
IM2 - FIJI, Imaris, LAS X FLIM, SimFCS 4
IM1 - FIJI, Imaris, Zen Black & Blue
ZN1 - FIJI, Vutar, Zen, QuPath
LA.1 - Zeiss SV11 w/ color camera
LA.2 - Zeiss SV11 for sample prep
LA.3 - Nikon Eclipse Ts2
BS1 - Zeiss LSM 880 MP w OPO + Delay line
BS2.1 - LaVision Ultramicroscope II 
BS2.2 - Luxendo Bruker MuVi
BS3 - Leica SP5 Upright MP
LM4.1 - VisiTech iSIM (planned)
LM4.2 - <> (planned)
LM4.3 - Nikon-Yokogawa Spinning Disk
LM4.4 - Andor Spinning Disk (Carlton)
LM4.5 - Nikon Eclipse
LM5.1 - Demo
LM5.2 - Demo





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