Key determinants of target DNA recognition by retroviral intasomes

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Retroviral integration favors weakly conserved palindrome sequences at the sites of viral DNA joining and generates a short (4-6 bp) duplication of host DNA flanking the provirus. We previously determined two key parameters that underlie the target DNA preference for prototype foamy virus (PFV) and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) integration: flexible pyrimidine (Y)/purine (R) dinucleotide steps at the centers of the integration sites, and base contacts with specific integrase residues, such as Ala188 in PFV integrase and Ser119 in HIV-1 integrase. Here we examined the dinucleotide preference profiles of a range of retroviruses and correlated these findings with respect to length of target site duplication (TSD).

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Journal Retrovirology
Volume 12
Issue number 1
Pages 39
Available online
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