Molecular architecture and assembly of the yeast kinetochore MIND complex


The MIND multiprotein complex is a conserved, essential component of eukaryotic kinetochores and is a constituent of the tripartite KMN network that directly attaches the kinetochore to the mitotic spindle. The primary microtubule-binding complex in this network, NDC80, has been extensively characterized, but very little is known about the structure or function of the MIND complex. In this study, we present biochemical, hydrodynamic, electron microscopy, and small-angle x-ray scattering data that provide insight into the overall architecture and assembly of the MIND complex and the physical relationship of the complex with other components of the KMN network. We propose a model for the overall structure of the complex and provide data on the interactions with NDC80, Spc105p, and thus the mitotic spindle.

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Volume 190
Issue number 5
Pages 823-834
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